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About Us

chimney sweeper on the roof of a house

Regardless of the kind of service that you need for your property, you are going to ant o hire specialists for the specific task at hand. For example, when you need to hire a team to work on the carpet cleaning at your property, you are going to want to ensure that you hire carpet cleaners instead of window washers. Similarly, when you have chimney weeping services that need to be completed, you need to ensure that you hire a chimney sweep team to come by and get the work done for you. The chimney cleaning experts who you can trust for the services at your property are right here at Olive Chimney Sweeps.


We are the team of individuals that will be able to offer you helpful solutions, and the company is also going to be able to handle any sort of chimney repair that you may have as well. You see, we have been working on chimneys for many years, and our entire team is fully trained to handle any sort of chimney task that may need to be completed. Our team is dedicated to this sort of work because we know that we are positively contributing to the safety and the sturdiness of your property. We have the proper gear and equipment, and even if there are brick fireplace cleaning tasks that need to be handled, we are going to be able t get a handle on the aspect of that work as well.

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